RuPaul’s Drag Race: Best Glitter Looks

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Best Glitter Looks

As season 10 of the hit show, RuPauls’s Drag Race,sashays its way onto screens everywhere, we take a step back to consider one of its most vital ingredients: glitter! In every season, this versatile beauty must-have lends its sparkle to our queens as they werk their way through Ru’s challenges. Below we run through some of our favourite glittery looks to grace the main stage, and how you can recreate some of the sparkle for yourself.

#1 Alexis Mateo, Season 3, “Favourite Body Parts” Look


We’re starting off subtle with this one – sometimes less is more! Alexis teams an extravagant sequined fishtail dress with a much more muted makeup look. The splash of gold glitter underneath her eye-shadow wings is the small detail that lifts the look and ties everything together. To recreate Alexis’ golden glow, try applying a little of our ultra fine gold glitter dustwith a damp liner brush, tracing a fine line just below where your eye-shadow ends.

#2 Courtney Act, Season 6, “Dripping in Gems” Look    

When Ru asked the queens to prepare for a Glitter Ball in season six, Courtney Act delivered, paring her ruby-clad asymmetric dress with a full-on glitter mask. When recreating this look, you might want to go heavy on the eyeliner. This will ensure your eyes stand out dramatically like Courtney’s! For a look involving such dense coverage, we recommend using a skin-safe glitter glue. You could try the look with our festival glitter kit, which includes a pot of our own glue as well as four glitters to experiment with.

#3   Jinkx Monsoon, Season 5, “Day of the Dead” Look

When we say someone looks like death, it’s not usually a compliment - but Jinkx Monsoon slays with this day of the dead inspired makeup. The clear gems along her eyebrows and lips add some glamour to the pallor, and make this look a perfect Halloween show-stopper...We’d best get practising now! As with the last look, you’ll need a little glue to make sure your gems stay in place. You can try Jinkx’s look with some chunky silver glitter, applying individual pieces around the top lips and along the brows. Following Jinx’s example and placing pieces just below your tear ducts will also emphasise your eyes for added drama.

#4 Raja, Season 3, “Sci-Fi” Look


Raja proved herself to be stiff competition throughout season three of Drag Race, and this look confirms it. During her sci-fi runway, the judges described her as “C3PO’s girlfriend”, and whilst we agree, we think that 3PO would have some serious wooing to do to win over this droid queen. The hint of turquoise offered by Raja’s glitter lips give the ensemble a surprising splash of colour which is really effective. To achieve these lips at home, start by smoothing a thin layer of glitter glue on the lips, before applying our baby blue fine face glitterwith your fingertips or a cotton bud.

#5 Naomi Smalls, Season 8, “Book Ball” Look

In season eight, Naomi Smalls pulled off some extreme origami, and put together this gag-worthy look for the Book Ball challenge. The matte effect of her dress is contrasted by the distinctive and eye-catching glitter which adorns her eyes like glamorous tear-drops. You’ll need a chunky glitter to give this look a go – try our bronze chunky glitterto achieve a similar effect to Naomi. Draw your liner from the outer edge of the eye, and then downwards slightly once you reach the centre, creating a tear-track. Next, use a small amount of glitter glue to place a piece of the glitter at the end of this line.

#6 Acid Betty, Season 8, “Money Ball” Look

Acid Betty’s runway look for this challenge really gave the other queens a run for their money (pun completely intended). Her Elizabethan-inspired couture was coupled with a spattering of gold body glitter on her arms and legs. To get a similar sprayed-on effect, you could try spreading a little petroleum jelly or glitter glue in patches on your limbs, as randomly as possible, before gently patting on some of our ultra fine glitter dust. You could go for a more futuristic look by using silver rather than gold dust. 

#7 Bianca Del Rio, Season 6, “Crazy, Sexy, Cool” Look

Season six’s winner, Bianca Del Rio, is a master of bold eye makeup, and this look is a great example. Bianca uses two pastel shades of glitter to offset the monochrome of her wig and dress. Combined with her light pink lipstick, this essentially softens the look overall. To achieve a similar effect, combine a smidge of our iridescent glitter on your lids, up to your brow line, with a turquoise glitter along the upper lid line. Both can be had in our mermaid glitter set– plus a pot of glue to secure it in place. You could follow Bianca’s lead and try pairing this eye makeup with a black and white outfit.

As RuPaul’s Drag Race continues to grace our screens, even more glittery looks are sure to emerge from the workroom. What are your favourite Drag Race Looks? How did you get on trying these ones? Let us know @glitopia on Twitter and Instagram!

Until next time!